Ils étaient là !

Vince & Bojack, Résidents DansonsParis

La Mamie’s, France (présent à Dansons Paris #4 et #8)

Malin Génie, SlapFunk/Pays-Bas (présent à Dansons Paris #8) B2B Lazare Hoche

Fulbert, Rawthenticity/France (présent à Dansons Paris #5)

Clouclou et Théo Top, La Mamie’s/France (présent à Dansons Paris #8)

Sven Weisemann, Mojuba records/Allemagne (présent à notre opening)

Janeret, France (présent à Dansons Paris #5 et #6)

GuNNter, Rutilance/France (présent à Dansons Paris #3)

Collectif D.KO, France (présent à Dansons Paris au R pigalle)

Bad Monica, Nepap/France (présent à Dansons Paris invite Nepap)

Dj Steaw, Rutilance/France (présent à notre opening)

Kelly Pavan, France (présent à Dansons Paris #4)

Detroit Swindle – Unfinished Business

Track from the EP  » Unfinished Business  » ( 2013 ) of Detroit Swindle , Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets the fantastic duo from Amsterdam – Netherlands . This is our favorite track from this EP . This A1 track is such a great one with the female vocal . House Music !
You can buy it here : .
Enjoy it !

Swayzak vs. Theorem – 020100

Brown and Taylor formed back in 1993 and in those post-iron curtain times took much inspiration from the dark and cold eastern block.
The Swayzak name came later as much inspired by Eastern Europe as it was Hollywood . . . this is indicative of the juxtaposition of Swayzak.

Delano Smith – This Heart

Delano Smith was one of the first ‘mobile DJs’ in a city that embraced DJ culture early on, before Music Stores sold more turntables than guitars. Emerging as one of the top progressive DJs in Detroit during the 80s, alongside the legendary Ken Collier (RIP), Smith mastered the art form while playing the underground and club parties that set the stage for today’s global party circuit.

After taking time off from Djing in the 90s to pursue personal interests, Smith began playing events again after receiving numerous requests from promoters.
Smith began producing music in 2002 and released his first track, “Tribunal of Souls” on Psychostasia Recordings.

Later that year, his successful contribution to the internationally recognized Detroit Beatdown Vol. 1 on Third Ear Recordings inspired him to launch his own label to bring his music, along with other artists, to the global house community.

Enjoy this deep track from the legend Delano S .